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Professional Bagpipe Repairs and Refurbishment


Ozbagpipes can also provide you with a range of custom made bagpipe products to enhance your instrument.  
Pipers Maintenance Kit    

Our pipers maintenance kit contains 12 essential items used to maintain your instrument.

Items Include: Bore Oil, Chanter and Drone brushes, Hemp, Cobblers Wax, 4 stock stoppers, Knife Blade, Practice Chanter Reed, and pull through swabs.

Mouthpieces can be made to measure in a variety of sizes and shapes with curved tips if required.  
Reed Protector    
Reed Protectors are hand made and an essential item for prolonging the life of your pipe chanter reed.  
Practice Chanter Reeds    
Practice Chanter Reeds are hand made and are pre-tested before use.  
Rubber Drone Stoppers    
Rubber Drone top stoppers are for use when the drones need to be stopped. Stock stoppers are for use when you need to season your pipe bag or play without drones.  

Rubber Blowpipe Valve    
A rubber blow-pipe valve gives a guaranteed seal, does not dry out and will fit any blowpipe. There is no on-going maintenance required.  
Split Stocks    
A split stock enables you to leave your pipe chanter attached to your stock causing minimum damage to your reed.  It can also be used  as a bagpipe goose adapter as it fits into the chanter stock to  make an inexpensive goose, after corking the drones or stocks. chanter and reed. This is the type of product that every piper can use.